Rivendell Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs






 Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs


 Robin Ney
P.O. Box 3,  Bonner Springs, KS 66012
Tel. 913-422-4186  Fax 913-422-7218 (call first)

 E-mail:  rivendell@rivendellgreaterswiss.com


Listed below are links to a few informative
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club sites.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America

Heartland GSMD

GSMD Club of the Rockies

Lake Shore GSMD

The Crooked River Swissy Club


Clubs without Websites-

Ozarks GSMD contact Brigitte Rhinehart br.gsmd.misc@centurytel.net

Southbound GSMD contact Glenda Parks obed101@cox.net